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  • Aditya Resorts Sri Lanka
  • Aditya Resorts Sri Lanka
  • Aditya Resorts Sri Lanka
  • Aditya Resorts Sri Lanka
  • Aditya Resorts Sri Lanka
  • Aditya Resorts Sri Lanka
  • Aditya Resorts Sri Lanka
  • Aditya Resorts Sri Lanka


  • Conducted by a registrar, minister
  • The services of a wedding coordinator
  • Flower arrangements and décor for the ceremony
  • Traditional oil lamp
  • Wedding cake for the couple
  • A bottle of sparkling wine
  • Two doves to release after the ceremony
  • Frangipani Flower Bouquet for the bride and buttonhole for the groom
  • Room décor for the couple
  • Manicure/pedicure treatment for the bride & 01hour spa treatment for the couple
  • Picture frame
  • If required, A Best man/maid of honour or witness is present
  • Sri Lankan dancers & drummers
  • Fireworks at dinner time
  • canapés for up to 10 people
  • Fresh water boat ride after the ceremony for the couple
  • Candle lit Dinner with lobster or jumbo prawns, including a bottle of wine for the couple

  • Preparation of relevant documents*
  • Certified copies of marriage license**


  • An elephant at the ceremony – USD 495
  • Special Wedding Lunch/Dinner at a rate of USD 45.00 nett per person onwards


MANEL (US$ 4125)


1st May 2016 to 30th April 2019.


The wedding couple should stay for a minimum of three nights in the resort before getting married. (Mandatory requirement )

Should spend four nights in Sri Lanka before they are getting married. (Mandatory requirement).

The following list of documents must be provided to us before the couple arrives in Sri Lanka:

  • Photocopy of birth certificate.( Original to be provided on arrival )
  • Photocopy of valid passport. (Original to be provided on arrival )
  • Details of names, addresses and occupations of the couple to be married.
  • Details of parents names, occupations and addresses.
  • An affidavit confirming marital status of bride & groom prior to the wedding. (Should be signed by solicitor with company stamp).
  • If either party to the marriage is divorced, a decree absolute proving the lawful termination of the previous marriage must be presented prior to the wedding ceremony.
  • If widowed, a death certificate of former spouse.
  • If names have been changed prior to the wedding, legal proof of change of names.
  • For other nationals living in the UK, the documents should be certified by their respective Diplomatic Mission in the UK and legalized by the Sri Lanka High Commission in London.

Business Visa for marriage purposes (this can be obtained from the Sri Lanka High Commission, London for a period up to 90 days)

All documents must be in English in case of foreign nationals.

(For UK and Ireland) Once married in Sri Lanka, marriage certificate must be certified by the Consular Affairs Section of the Ministry of External Affairs in Colombo; official English Translations to Sinhalese/ Tamil language certificates will be provided which can be certified as well. Only then will your marriage certificate be valid to submit to authorities outside of Sri Lanka.

Aditya will provide the marriage license issued by the registrar and an English translation (included in the package).**

Certification of marriage license from the External Affairs Ministry can also be done. Administration cost will be charged for this service.**


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