About Us

About Aditya Resort Hikkaduwa

We are not just one of the largest stand-alone luxury resorts in Galle Sri Lanka. Our resort swathing a golden beach embraced by swaying palms and balmy breezes – we are the quintessence of tropical luxury because everything about us articulates the overarching spirit of paradise. Sitting on one of Sri Lanka’s most secluded beaches in the southern area of Rathgama, Aditya epitomizes the solar deity – the Sun God from whom we take our name, resonating his abode in heaven right here on earth.

Our chic contemporary design maximizes on the spectacular panorama of the azure Indian Ocean, with each villa and open public space echoing understated elegance in its marriage of Balinese and Sri Lankan antiques, detailed with cultural hallmarks espousing the arts and craft of the southern area of this tropical island. We are all about the luxury of open spaces, unending seascapes and tropical vistas.
Each of our sixteen villas, suites and rooms are lavish. Our two villas stand tall as the country’s largest stand-alone double roomed villas at an impressive 7,500 square feet each. From secluded gardens, to large lap pools, rooftop Jacuzzis to private lounges, extravagance is redefined in each of these living spaces where indulgence is an unending promise.

Adding to that feel of decadence, is a secluded spa that offers therapies and massages cascading from ancient Ayurvedic, Balinese and Thai treatments and gastronomic journeys that know no bounds. Individually curated menus served anytime anywhere – whether under a canopy of stars on the beach with waves lapping at your feet or romantically settled into your suite overlooking the Indian Ocean or even in our own dining space, each meal is a masterpiece, crafted to reflect ‘paradise found’.
And that’s why the world has placed us on multiple honour rolls – the awards have abounded. While each of these have been a barometer of showcasing excellence in our brand promise, it has also been a benchmark for us to push ourselves upwards on that bar of excellence.

While the solar deity commands that paradise conforms to his diktats, Aditya simply reverberates a day in the life of paradise – on a beach in a tropical isle where luxury is the norm. And time simply stands still!