Enjoy a Boat Safari in Madu River

Glide on the Madu River in Balapitiya or the Gin Ganga in Gintota imbibing the quietude of the wetlands and nature in its pristine glory.  Very rich in biodiversity, the Madu river passes through the wet zone of Sri Lanka covered in mangrove forests.  Over 200 species of which 19 are endemic have been discovered in this treasure trove comprising 111 bird species, 31 types of reptile, 50 kinds of butterflies and 25 types of molluscs.  The plant life forms a thriving ecosystem for wild boar, monkey, bird and squirrel.  The Gin Ganga gains its water source from mountains in Deniyaya and flows past a number of villages, with the longest bridge in Sri Lanka, the Wakwella Bridge built over this river.