Experience the Luxury of Aditya Resort

Aditya’s brand of luxury is about attention to detail. It’s also about finding your own space to relax and unwind, sometimes in company and sometimes in solitude. Either way, Aditya which is one of the leading 5 star hotels in Hikkaduwa lends its spaces to your own individual desires, whether swimming a lap, sipping a drink, steeped in a book or enjoying the sunset.

Infinitely sparkling blue

Our infinity pool overlooking the emerald sea induces perfect relaxation at sunrise or at sunset


Whether it’s a cocktail, mocktail or high spirits, our bar becomes the nucleus for a sunset aperitif or a winding down nightcap


Bookworm or not, our library is about picking the word that suits you. Curl up and enter a world that only books can take you in to.


Immerse yourself in tropical hues surrounded by antique vignettes and comfortable chaises, your ideal space to enjoy some company, play an indoor game or simply gaze at beauty around you


Enter a world of lush green surrounded by tropical flora which can be a secret hideout for a bit of quietude or an animated chat over tea or a drink.


At dawn, dusk or anytime in between, let the magic of palm fringed golden sands beckon you to spend time marveling at the beauty of the Indian Ocean